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OCR / Scanning Services

Data capturing through Optical Character Recognition or OCR is a very recent technology to create editable files from documents, especially paper. Call Center India is one of the recognized BPO that has been offering premium OCR and scanning services to help the business companies to help in an effective data storage management.

Our data scanning and OCR service expertise in the following areas mentioned below:
  • Technical Manuals
  • Client Files
  • Health and Safety Records
  • Operation Manuals
  • Installation Reports
  • Manuscripts

Primary benefits of scanning data into digital database:
  • Reduction of required filling space
  • Minimizes the risk of missing information or MIS-filling documents
  • Reduction in the cost of finding documents
  • Long term storage facility with the ability to maintain high quality of scanned information
  • Helps in risk management and disaster management, thus saving your data in case of natural calamities as well as human errors.

Our scanning services are best suited for stabilizing document management in a safe format and keep them ready for a detailed analysis by management for deciding business strategies and taking critical decisions.

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